Spreads on Breads

When we’re having a salad as our main course, and it seems a little dull, I sometimes serve a little bread along with it.  

But instead of simply putting the butter dish out, I like to whip up a little spread to go with it – it’s a quick and easy way to elevate an otherwise mundane piece or two of bread or a roll.  

I like to keep one or two different types of artisanal loaves of bread or rolls in the freezer. 

It particularly comes in handy when we have a friend over for dinner at the last minute. 

Being able to augment our salad dinner with some rolls and a spread makes the meal a little special.  

There are several spreads in Salad Joy including Honey Butter, Herb Goat Cheese Garlic Toast and Olive Tapenade.  

Click to watch the short video below for a little behind-the-scenes of the Olive Tapenade.

Here’s another ridiculously easy spread: 

Mix four tablespoons of softened butter with four tablespoons grated parmesan cheese.  Toast or grill pieces of your favorite crusty bread and spread with the parmesan butter.  

That's it! Accessible elegance at its best!

Do you have any favorite spreads? Are there others you'd like me to make?

Here's to your JOY,