Oooh Baby -- May is National Salad Month!

Oooh Baby!

Did you know May is National Salad Month? 

To change it up when you’re perusing the fresh lettuce aisle, consider making your next salad with microgreens or baby lettuces.  They deliver macro flavor.

Micro greens deliver macro flavor

Micro greens deliver macro flavor

High-end restaurants and celebrity chefs made microgreens all the rage years ago.  These tiny, tender shoots are elegant and super delicious. 

I like incorporating microgreens and baby lettuces into salads especially in spring and summer when they are more plentiful in the markets. 

Their textures are interesting and delicate, they are bursting with flavor…and they’re downright cute!  Micro arugula, micro broccoli, and the mini heads of Romaine are some of my favorites. 

It’s fun to offer a salad of the baby Romaine heads when entertaining a crowd. 

Place the Romaines whole on a large platter with the dressing and toppings on the side.  Everyone gets an entire head of lettuce!  Instead of the usual spinach or lettuce in your entrée salad, change it up by using microgreens like kale, beet, broccoli, radish, sunflower and basil.

Don’t be deceived by their diminutive size - they pack big flavor!  Be careful not to over-dress these young sprouts.  Light vinaigrettes work best. 

And while you’re at it being fancy, throw in some edible flowers on top for garnish.  (I know - a dated chef’s technique but I still like it.)  

Microgreens also make beautiful garnishes for fish, beef and chicken dishes.  They are a little pricey, however. 

Many people grow their own microgreens in small containers right in their kitchens.  So celebrate National Salad Month by getting small.