Meet Boo-Boo!

Meet Boo-Boo!  He’s the latest addition to the Marshall household. 


Boo-Boo is an eight-year-old Havana Brown and quite the people cat.  I had never heard of this breed before – wow, did we luck out!  They were originally from what is now Thailand and were bred with Siamese, Burmese and domestic black cats in England in the 50s.  I just learned that this is a very rare breed and is one of the top breeds to have around kids and dogs. 


Boo-Boo has the textbook charming personality of the breed – he is intelligent, playful, sociable and very bonded to humans.  


And he’s gorgeous – his coat is so soft and silky – and get this, they have brown whiskers – in fact, show cats of this breed are disqualified if they don’t have brown whiskers.   


John and are indebted to my dear friend Nancy, who had been fostering Boo-Boo for several months.  I knew I wanted him the moment I saw him months ago.  With the passing of our dearest Bunny, Nancy offered him to me again, and this time, the timing seemed right. 

Boo-Boo has been in our home less than 24 hours and is already perfectly at home…the King of Siam and our house!