British Polo Day… Chukkers of Fun

My friend Nancy and I had a blast recently with our friend and professional polo player, Ardeshir Radpour at British Polo Day at Will Rogers State Park. 

with professional polo player Ardeshir Radpour

with professional polo player Ardeshir Radpour

I love what Ardeshir says about polo:  “It’s about horsemanship first and the game second.” 

With my horse-loving friend Nancy

With my horse-loving friend Nancy

These sturdy little horses are inspiring to watch.  They are truly professional athletes, with giant hearts and competitive spirits. 

salad joy polo1.jpg

If you’ve never seen polo, I encourage you to check it out – the crowds are fun and welcoming and the game is fast-paced and exciting. 

salad joy polo3.jpg

British Polo Day has grown to encapsulate a network of 10 annual events, spanning Abu Dhabi, Australia, China, Dubai, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Singapore, Sumba Island (Indonesia), Thailand and the US.

It is the only international polo network of its kind. 

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Have you ever seen a polo match before? Would love to know your impressions.