Super Jet Still Going Super Strong

I just visited my 24-year old retired horse, Jet, this morning in beautiful Santa Clarita.  (John always called him “SuperJet”). 

salad joy Jet 1.jpg

Jet has the best retirement possible.  He gets to graze on green grass with his pals during the day, then return to his over-sized in-and-out stall at night. 

salad joy jet2.jpg

I call it The Ritz-Carlton of horse barns. They even have cameras in the stalls!  I am continually grateful to be able to keep him here.  The management is excellent and he is healthy and content. 

When I visit – maybe once a month or so – he is always glad to see me.  But because he is so happy in his retirement, he is never sad to see me go. 

There is no better feeling than knowing he is looked after and cared for so well.  

salad joy jet3.jpg

Jet was my first horse and will always hold a special place in my heart.  He taught me how to ride…and so much more!