Cooking Aboard

When people learn that John is an avid fisherman and that we have a 45 foot sportfisher, they ask me if I like to fish. 

I don’t fish but I love to boat, which includes preparing and serving meals for hungry fisherman and other guests.  

This is our second sportfisher, and what I’ve learned is that cooking on a boat sort of like camping in an RV: The galley is teeny weeny and everyone always seems to be hungry. 

salad joy cooking aboard.jpg

When we had our first boat Serenity, I learned the hard way to use plastic and paper plates and glasses – only. 

I was so excited to outfit Serenity’s galley – I bought beautiful white square plates in dinner and salad size and some pretty white mugs. 

After an extremely rough crossing back from the back side of Catalina (think 20 foot swells for 7 hours), everything ended up smashed on the floor of the salon.  We were grateful that was about the extent of the damage. 

So when outfitting Clicker, I went straight for the plastic plates and glasses.  Wooden bowls are wonderful on board.  I have two large ones for chips and salads and smaller ones for mixed nuts, dips, and salsa. 

clicker 2.jpg
clicker 3.jpg

We are in the process of re-decorating the interior.  The new refrigerator was just installed.  I can’t wait to fill it!