One kitchen gadget that’s a “mist”-have!

Check out this cool gadget from Williams-Sonoma – a citrus sprayer. 

lemon mister1.jpg

I’m not much for kitchen gadgets – most of them only do one thing (not well) and take up valuable space in my already-crowded kitchen.  This one, however, is effective, has endless applications…and is fun!

  • Spritz the rims of cocktail glasses then dip in salt (margaritas) or sugar (Mojitos). 
  • Spray over delicate baby greens that have been lightly tossed with olive oil, when you just want the slightest hint of citrus flavor. 
  • When I make guacamole, what isn’t eaten immediately turns a little brown.  Mix it up and spray on some lime juice to freshen it up.  A little citrus spray will delay the browning of sliced avocados and fruit salads. 
  • Mist some orange or tangerine juice over roasted broccoli or green beans.   
  • Grapefruit mist over fish and seafood, particularly crab and lobster salads is a little change-up from lemon juice.  
  • Grill some ears of corn, spray on some lime juice then roll in a blend of chili powder and salt.  
lemon mister 2.jpg

It's a great way of getting the benefits of the juice without the mess!

I’d love to hear your uses for this fun little kitchen toy.