Discover 30 Days of Elegant-yet-Easy
Entrée Salads to Enjoy Year-Round

Infuse your meals with JOY... SALAD JOY! It's fun and doable when passionate home cook Julia Marshall is with you in the kitchen, sharing her step-by-step secrets for creating delicious meals based on hearty, satisfying salads. But don't worry -- you won't find any kale or quinoa here...instead, you'll delight in traditional tastes with a contemporary flair, such as Southern Fried Salad and Thanksgiving in a Bowl. These tasty main course meals are easy enough to make yet elegant enough to impress. 

...You'll never look at salads the same way again!

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Julia talks about Salad Joy...

After my husband John had a heart attack in 2008, I began changing how I cooked, as he wanted to dramatically lower his consumption of red meat and heavy carbohydrates. Farewell meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy! After his heart attack, I found myself throwing a piece of grilled chicken over some romaine with bottled dressing almost five nights a week. Quickly tiring of this routine, I started experimenting with more interesting ways to prepare main course salads. These recipes reflect that change. 

I have taken a few liberties with the classic green salad to include fruit, grilled vegetables and pasta. The spirit of the salad remains, however, in all the recipes, and with a few exceptions, they are almost entirely founded on some sort of greens with some sort of protein. 

This is by no means a low-fat or consciously health-conscious collection of recipes - just classic, comfort-flavors for the way John and I eat now. But by their very nature, many of these dishes are naturally lower in fat and more healthful. Chicken can be substituted for the beef, pork and lamb recipes, and many of them can be made entirely vegetarian. 

Julia Marshall, Cookbook Author, sharing her SALAD JOY

Julia Marshall, Cookbook Author, sharing her SALAD JOY


"I love to cook – it is my Joy.  I have this acronym for JOY – Just Open Yourself. And that’s how I feel in the kitchen – joyous: free, open and creative – joyously sharing my love of preparing and serving homemade food with family and friends."  ~ Julia Marshall

All the recipes serve four people, and are easily cut in half for two. Several recipes may seem like a lot of work just for “a salad,” but many elements can be made ahead. And although there are several steps involved in many of these salads, most are do-ahead steps, which make them quicker and easier to assemble when it’s time for dinner. And, all the elements of some recipes can be made in advance. 

Most of these salads are perfect for dinner. A couple are specifically created for brunch and several are wonderful for lunch. For this collection I’ve added a few complementary side dishes, but unless we have people over, I rarely serve a side with any of these salads. They are purposely large, satisfying portions -- big enough for hearty appetites. Just ask my darling, long-suffering husband, John, who loves and supports me at every turn, bump, and fork (no pun intended) in the road of my journey. 

Every aspect of developing this book has been a joy. I hope making and serving these salads for your family and friends will bring you much JOY, too!

Julia Marshall